The 1st Day of School 


My Baby Boy and I

The First Day of School
I know, I know!! So many children going back to school and it seems like everyone is posting a picture of their kids on facebook, twitter, instagram or even tumblr. Well, some people may have an opinion about mom’s posting how emotional they are about their kids going back to school. But don’t you be haten’!! The beginning of the school year can be super emotional; especially for some who’s first day of school is literally their first day of school, ever! For some of us our kids may be all “growed up” and stuff, like totally yeah!! (You know the drill, insert valley girl twang here!). The thing is, that every school year signifies a whole new year of experiences; it means our kids are that much closer to graduation, and a whole new set of teachers influencing them, and maybe even new friends. It really is kind of a big deal, you know?! 
I was lucky enough to watch my son go to school for his first day of school this time. My son is now 15 years old, and you’d think that he doesn’t need as much attention, and you’d be right. However, my kid is becoming a young man and now requires the guidance to keep him on track based on the years and years of influencing (ummmmm, and brain washing eh-hemm, cough cough (sleep hypnosis sessions) cough cough, I may or may not have done since he was a kid!). Anyway, if you have ever thought about how much you influence your child; you should simply pay attention at their mannerisms and other little quirks they will portray right in front of you. Sometimes I look at my son smile a certain way, or say specific things that I have said and wondered how he got so in tune with it. I also used to catch my daughter doing this when she was still living with me, and I would smile secretly inside my head without letting her know how much I friggen loved that she had paid attention.
Anywho, years ago we used to live across the street from the school my son attended for junior high. Sixth grade was a pretty big deal because the new school schedule changed into the shifting of the classrooms and other requirements that well, was preparing them to grow up. I remember sitting on my front steps in my pajamas with a cup of coffee on hand to watch him walk to the school. I always kissed him good bye and wished him a good day at school. I would wave at him and he would turn to look back at me to make sure I was still watching, then he would wave bye. I would wave bye back letting him know I was watching. He would go a few more steps, look back, and wave again. I would wave again. Then, he would cross the street and walk back on the other side towards the front of our house; this time across the street on the side of the school. He would wave again and I would wave back. He would finally go into the school yard looking one last time at me. I would lose him in the crowd of all his friends and school mates. The bell would ring and I’d go back into the house. At these times; I realize that I honestly don’t think there is a deeper love than the love a mom has towards her kids. I am sure dad’s feel a sense of pride and deep love too, but I can only speak from my personal experience…Sorry, dads.   
This year for the first day of 10th grade I got up early, made myself coffee, cooked up some breakfast for my son and waited for him to head out to school. I walked him to the door, kissed him good bye, we said I love you, and then I watched him take his very adult bike out of the gate. He simply said “bye mom I’ll see you at the game” and he rode off. I stood outside my door waiting for him to look back, I walked onto the yard and followed him with my eyes as far as I could see him go. Nope, he didn’t look back. My little boy is a secure young man, I thought. He has no need to look back; he is looking forward, and I’m ok with that. I look forward to the years to come, and the times I have with him. I know he is no longer that little boy who needed reassurance his mommy is there. He knows I’m here. I am not going anywhere as long as God will have me here. So, see? The first day of school is not simply a passing event. The first day of school is a whole new open door to our little super cute wittle itty bitty tiny mini me’s we have living in our homes. May we see them grow into the people we know they are meant to be.
In Love and Light,

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