I Need A Wife!

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I don’t say it lightly when I say that I need a wife! I’ve said it over and over again throughout my life. Having a career, being a mom, and striving to launch a consistent business is not an easy task. The balancing act requires fine tuning, re-shifting, flexibility, stretching, and super mental powers…This is not to be confused with being “mental”…hmmmm, or maybe it is?! Because it would take someone truly “mental” to expect to have all these parts work, and not expect to have something fall on the wayside. I mean truly, look at all you have going on in life. Even if you are doing the minimum as a professional, a mom, and have a significant other; you are already playing at the juggling act. We take on many roles, and all of them are important. Sometimes I see women who are spectacular at their job, are also great mommies, and spectacular spouses, but their health is not at their best. Or their eating habits have fallen to the casual snacking they can get in while doing other things. Or maybe the nails don’t get done, hair is not up to par, exercise routines are non-existent, and forget any girlfriend time…UGH! This is the exact moment when I say “I need a wife”. I realize there are things that become more important than others, but to be a whole and complete being, EVERYTHING has its place in your life! 

I have often admired women who have it all together. I wonder how they do it all, and so I did some research. Most women either have a very supportive spouse, or they have a nanny, or have another type of support system that allows them to focus somewhere else in their life. I have truly been envious of my ex’s, mostly because I figured often that if I had a wife like they did, then I’d be doing so much better! I actually figured this out when I was getting my masters, working full time, and also working long hours at my previous job. Sometimes I’d come home to a clean house, a nicely cooked meal, laundry put away, and my children cared for. Wow, I had peace of mind. This would of course only happen when my mother was visiting. My mom has shown me how valuable it was to have all those things be taken care of. I have also done them myself when I’ve been married. That has been my definition of a wife. It always seemed to be an underappreciated job. These are things people don’t notice, until they are not being done. I remember thinking “wait, what? My bed is not done when I come home? My dinner is not ready? I have to get my lunch ready for tomorrow? My laundry is still in the wash and there’s still some in the dryer? I have to check on my children to make sure their homework is done? What is this?? And where is the person responsible for this?” Then I’d remember my mom’s visit was over. That person responsible for it was ME!!! (Nooooo, someone shoot me, shoot me now please?! Boooooo!! Haha!!) Ok, enough of the dramatic pity party!!!

So yes, the list of things to do would only get longer for me, until one day I figured it out!! As a family we needed a contract. Everyone in the household would sign an agreement saying they would take care of certain things weekly. Other things stopped being a priority, and the children, even at 6 years of age would take on responsibility. Between you and I however, I actually know for a fact that it was the spouse who had the hardest time with the follow through, grrrrr. Then again, they had an adult life also….but this is not about them anyway…this is about ME needing a WIFE….(Geez, stop deviating from the subject at hand, people!!). The fact is, that we all need some support from the outside to make everything work. Everything can work so beautifully and in harmony when you bring all the pieces together. Your life can be a self-played single instrument melody, or a full-on orchestrated harmonious concerto. But you can’t play all the parts simultaneously AND direct at the same time. We all need the other players. YES….even the violin player for those “oh me, oh my moments”, is necessary! Everything is balance, even melancholy has a place, and absolutely deserves a place in your life. So here is to your happy balance and may you be (or have) a highly appreciated wife/life 🙂


In Love and Light,


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