Is God Listening?


My instinct answer is “of course, YES, yes He is!” However, over the last few days I have been looking within. There have been many times where I have questioned if God is truly present, or even listening. And, when I talk with God I don’t hold anything back. I can’t tell you how many times I probably cursed more than anything…but God knows how He made me, and giving me the mouth of a sailor when I’m upset was totally in his plan, I’m sure! Of course I realize that where my prayers go, do not even begin to compare to the needs of others. I can tell you that my prayers do not involve a miraculous cure from a deadly disease (that prayer was answered a loooooong time ago when I was cleared of the cancer), or the recovery of a long lost family member (this one will one day be answered when our family will once again see our estranged niece and nephews). I am not naïve to think that my prayers are as emotion evoking as those of others. Some could say that I am truly lucky or blessed. At this time of my life I could say that I am too. But does someone stop praying when things are going well? Do we not have other prayers we want to share with God? Something as simple as getting an opportunity to help others, or enough energy to scream through your kid’s entire football game. Or, maybe what my prayers entail are worthy of inducing a true miracle. Whatever it is for you, and whatever it is for me, it doesn’t matter. I know God or the Universe (because you know God is bigger than even we can imagine), is listening and moving things along so that the perfect things occur. YES, even when we don’t get what we ask for. At this time, I am working on accepting that things are not as I would love for them to be. I do get to trust that God is listening, even when my prayers would more than likely be a singular extra long bleeeeeeeeeep sound, if it was ever to air on any family oriented network! So express yourself in prayer; God loves you, and knows you, because He made you. May the prayers you share be in the true essence of your soul.


In Love and Light,



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