Adventures? Why not!


One of the things I encourage people to do when I coach them is to try different adventures. These do not necessarily have to be the weekend type of adventure, or even the year long type of adventures, or the adventures that you may have to take medication for after hahaha….I would NEVER….Just FYI!! Sometimes is simply trying a new place or even attempting to be a different type of person with the person you love….ummmm, or even with the people you don’t love. I can tell you that there are a million and one things out there to try. Some of these things could inspire you to be something you never thought you could be. Or, make you feel things you never thought you could feel in your soul. I can tell you that some of the most fulfilling things I have experienced in my life have been things I had the courage to try. Sometimes it wasn’t because I looked for them, but it was because someone suggested it. You would be surprised how many communities, groups, and clubs are out there that we will never even find out about, unless you are looking for them. There are crazy people (crazy in the adventurous sense duh!) who will be so devoted to their craft or hobby that could seriously impress or inspire us. The thing is, that when you try something new, no one can take away that experience. The mental memories, and the cellular memory of your being, will forever be sealed within your history. Even if you were to never share it with anyone, you and your soul will forever know this feeling at the molecular level. 
This is why I encourage adventures. Some adventures may be things that you will have to commit to for a while, such as earning a degree. I can tell you that earning a Master’s degree was a most challenging adventure!! But I can also tell you that competing in a fitness competition was by far more challenging than even earning a masters! (Take that, you educated bunch!). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t knock education. I completely support anything that will make your time worth while here on earth, and make you a contributor to society; because what is the point of growing your knowledge if you don’t share it. Everything takes effort, commitment, courage, and to a high degree, a sense of adventure and a touch of insanity to believe you can do it!
So today, I head into a training that is sort of a refresher for me, and at the same time it is also a whole new adventure. I am looking forward to the growth of having experienced this weekend, and I will most certainly share the fruit of this quest with you.
Until next week!! Take some adventures!!! Message me if you need any suggestions…..or contact me for coaching if you are ready to take the adventure of a lifetime!! I will be that support and cheerleading section on your side!! 
In love and light,

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