A Year of Blessed Sisterhood

A Year of Blessed Sisterhood

What a difference a year makes. It is 2:05am and I am sitting in my bed writing this. Last year around this time I think I was running around getting to know the south bay as a single girl. Back then I had found a great new sister in the south bay and I was getting to know her too (we actually only recently wished each other a happy anniversary, HAHA!! Love our quirky humor). Our connection was instant when we met, and I just knew she was the sister I had been missing here. She actually only lived a few houses down from me and I absolutely feel super blessed to have found each other when we did. If I had to explain who she is to me, she will always be God’s gift to my life. I think my life would have been way different if I had not met her. When I met her I was newly single and I had only lived in the south bay as a wife and mom, so none of my acquaintances were single. All my sisters lived away from here and it wasn’t as easy to just shoot over to simply have a glass of wine, or watch a movie, or whatever. Then I found her; I thanked God for her, and I still thank God now. The best thing about her is that she is fully aware at all times. I always feel safe around her. Being single and out on the town with her has always been fun, easy, clean, and safe. Everyone needs a great friend like her! Men also….they need that one person they can call up anytime and just roll with them (Iron Sharpens Iron is what I always say).
So, just several days ago we were thinking back on how our life looked back then. One year is not that long, but it is! You know?! It’s like you think: “well that was only a few months ago”, but then you realize, wait…that was like in 2014!! What!?! Wowzers!!! So many things can happen in a year, like totally!! 2016 is just around the corner too you know?!? This is when it sinks in that just 12 little months are one year, and that actually 12 months is a very looooooooooooong time. HELLOOO????? Ugh!!!! ….then there’s areas were nothing changes in 12 months, but time is moving regardless. This is when I feel there’s been wasted time. When time passes and nothing has been accomplished during that time, that’s when I feel the burden of time. Yet, when I look at the areas where there have been changes, that’s when I feel satisfied. The thing is that time is going to go by either way. Time can either be used up, or wasted away, it’s all the same…..the clock is still moving forward with, or without you. There is no mercy here!!! Wake the F up!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! (I apologize for my outburst there—I felt the need to shake myself a bit here, because #2014-2016!!!! YIKES! It’s almost here whether I like it or not). Ok, shake it off, shake it off!!! AAAAAAAAnnnnd, moving on….
So anyway, back to it…as we sat pondering the early hours of the night and saying our good nights, we laughed at ourselves. It was close to 9ish and we were calling it a night!! We had water with dinner and no wine bottle was in sight. Again, how different life was a year ago. We don’t mind this. My #singlegirlproblems have been winding down. I don’t care to be out on the town as a “single”person, I leave that to those chasing tail, or looking for the next meaningless connection they can get, or pretending they’re not getting older, (jab jab, JK…LOL! BE as old as you think you are!). I learned a lot about being a single girl in the south bay and I’m over it. It was fun, and like I said; my nights were safe and clean because I had my girl with me. I don’t have any regrets, and clearly no one has bragging rights to speak of with me here. I am ok going to bed early, working on my own projects, focusing on my career, and being a football mom. Love comes in different manners and a real relationship for me will come when its meant to, IF its meant to. For now, its 3am Sunday morning and I’m in bed writing a blog instead of being out on the town, and I am extremely OK with that. I’m fulfilled. Peace feels good! 
In Love & Light,

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