Chicken Soup Please!

Oops, Ive got a cold!

I know, I know. I haven’t written this whole week. Truthfully, I have just been sick. Funny how once a virus takes over your body, you can become a different person. I know I had a cold and it was not a flu, which makes a big difference if you ask me. I know in the past I was never sure what the heck was the difference between a cold and a flu. Even the medications I take were always for both cold and flu symptoms. It’s like those insurances out there, I’d basically just bundle them together, two for the price of one! Haha! Well, it has certainly taken a few days of my life to get my physical energy back up. However, my mental energy has been high and in good spirits which is awesome!! I realize that what I have going on is simply a cold and not the flu. The flu, for some reason, just puts me in bed and I can’t even get up. A cold has made me drag a bit, but at least I can still function.I even made homemade chicken soup and have been having it with tons of lemon for past few days. Hurray for cooking skills, let me tell-ya!


I found myself still wanting to write and felt inspired in so many different subjects that I will definitely be writing more in the next few days, but for now….Keep it healthy peeps! I will share more about the cute conversations I’ve had about people playing games with love, someone telling me “You’re Gorgeous” (not too shabby for being an ill snot nosed girl the past few days heehee!!), and meeting someone special. These subjects to come in the next few days!


In Love & Light,


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