The Armor of Love

This week I have been super focused on how to come up with something that would create community in my career, as well as bring my co-workers together to support the team I am currently part of. As I had mentioned before, I recently joined a team of driven people who are looking to enhance their leadership qualities and support each other in reaching excellence in many areas of our lives.
I have in the past been part of such a team and that was close to 9 years ago. I can say with all honesty that being part of that team back in 2007-2008, was a complete blessing because I found the most beautiful sisterhood and brotherhood any person could find. I still consider them all family, even if we are not constantly in touch with each other. This new team I am now getting to know is truly beautiful as well, and it reminds me that agape love is present whenever people simply want the best for each other and support each other in our successes.
As a result of the drive to want to support the team and raising funds for our tuitions, and other program expenses; I decided I would do a fundraiser at work. I love to cook and have always brought food to work for sharing. This time around I thought: What a good idea to sell the food at work in order to support that fundraiser!! OMG totally, people always seek out my food and I share it willingly, of course they’ll support! What I was not expecting was the division of good and evil. On one hand I received plenty of support from those who authentically have a good heart (I’ve always known this about these people), and on the other hand, for those who had other notions; well, the truth always comes out. I can’t say that I was “hurt” by the judgement from people. Only those who I’ve considered friends and even respected as higher ups. It was more of a magnifying glass for me to notice how those people came out as their real self. All I can say is that I am thankful because I can see even clearer now.
I also know who my fairy godmother is at work and I love her dearly….She doesn’t even know how special she is to me! (Hint Hint….her office is closest to mine #loveher). Bottom line is that there will always be judgement, hate, envy, jealousy, adversity, fear, and all those things that would normally stop us on our way to success. The power is in overcoming and being honest and consistent. Soooooooo???? Guess what armor I put on the next day? That’s right….the only one who can fend off all of those things….the armor of Love…Pure intentional Love….for myself and others. If I needed to give people tough love, I did. If I needed to give people honest love, I did. If I needed to give myself love and walk away, I did. Over all, it was a day of love no matter what type was needed. So lets just get on that, peeps! Lets love people how they need to be loved, and love yourself enough to stand up for what you believe in no matter what!
In Love & Light,

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