Because it can be nerve wrecking…

I’m sitting outside an interview since I recently started looking for another job.  I know I don’t want to change careers because I have always wanted to be in Human Resources. I know I may have wished to be a Princess or something magical when I was a little girl…but I did grow up at some point (maybe like 4 years ago, and that’s when I actually finished a masters degree! Haha!)….but seriously, I did want to be in Human Resources long before and I finally had the opportunity.  I have been in human resources for close to a couple of years now and I honestly love it. It’s a nice mix between taking care of people and doing actual work. It’s a dream. NOT PERFECT, don’t get me wrong…but certainly wonderful!
Anyway, as I’m sitting here having my heart get ready to jump out of my chest, I’m looking forward to the experience and the testing. Nothing is ever lost from at least trying your very best, right? So here’s to trusting and testing ☺️
In Love & Light,

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