Waking up to I Love You’s, Will You Marry Me’s, and I Think I’m Falling in Love with You’s….


Cooking Traditional Latin Foods

Funny how things work out, you know? So many things have changed in my life in the past few years. Most of the change and shifting has happened in the last year, however. I have become more of a single parent than I have been in the past. My son, who happens to be a good kid (thank you Jesus, for that!), is my little companion. Even if he spends time playing on the computer or in the other room, or at football; there are times when he grabs me and says mom lets watch Walking Dead, or he’ll jump in my bed while I’m reading and asks me to scratch his back (this scratching has been happening since he was born) what is it with boys and back scratching?! Its adorable!!….I swear I make sure my natural nails grow simply so I can scratch his back…Oh the simple joys of motherhood! Then there are those times when he wants to workout with me or slow dance with me. I think he loves his mama (teehee, insert blushing face here). You know they say that children are born into the parents who can handle them. And by “THEY” I mean psychology books from my undergrad studies, which I can’t quote at this point since it has been a while. I feel lucky my son has the temperament he has, because I can handle that.


As I look at how my life has changed and where I am today. I think embracing my current situation is the best possible gift I can give my son. Children change your life, you know?! There may be many influences in my personal life that I’d like to change, but at the end of the day, I think of how they will affect my son. He’s 15 yrs. Old, so he’s not a baby. He understands what I do and who I am with. He sees my life first hand and knows when I come home. He knows my closest friends, and he appreciates when he sees me working hard to provide for him. Which leads me to be the type of woman who will do what needs to be done to ensure he’s taken care of. Because of this, I am attempting creative ways to bring in extra income. During this period of creativity I have started offering my little cooking skills a bit more. While doing this, I have been cooking up some traditional foods and people have been enjoying them! It makes me happy to cook for people. It makes me happier when people go out of their way to ask me to cook for them because they appreciate it. I am humbled, when they offer to pay me for it. As a child I learned how to cook from my parents, and I often cooked for my four brothers and my dad. It’s like I was being prepared for something, right?! But then again, aren’t we all! While cooking for others at work, people have often said they love it, and most recently I was told someone was falling in love with me, and someone else even asked to get married!! (Again, insert blushing face here-like totally!?! OMG!!). I know it’s simply the cooking they love…but still…it’s nice to hear all those silly comments that make my staying up late, or waking up at 4 in the morning to cook up breakfast for a group of hungry people, that make it all worth it. Above all, however; I will always look forward to the most beautiful I love you’s from my boy, as I head out the front door with all the orders of yummy food. On that note, cook up something yummy for the people you love and share your love with them! (Unless you tend to burn water! In that case, call me instead and hire me to teach you a few recipes, haha!!).


In Love & Light,



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