Friday Healing

Today has been a full day….I’ve come to many moments of decision in my life, and every day I get stronger. Just yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to speak to someone who was a huge influence in my life long ago. We had an opportunity to speak and heal some of the old wounds people tend to have when they care deeply for someone else. He was actually the first person I had ever heard the saying from that states: a person will come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. It was super interesting that after all these years we were able to have an honest conversation about our past. He has moved on with his life and he is now married. I can honestly say I am happy for him, and his new life actually gives me hope. He was an important part of our lives in my younger years and he cared for my kids as well. He watched my son’s football game and even got an opportunity to say hello to him. I can’t believe that after over a decade of having been in relationship with him, he can say that I was the measuring stick for any of the other relationships he entered, and ended, until he found his wife. I can’t tell you how honored I felt to know that this opportunity was given to me, so I could understand how I can be in relationship. And, how I consistently give all of me into a relationship, and then can walk away saying I did my very best. Unfortunately all relationships don’t work out. Duh, of course I’m not perfect (like anyone ever is? Right?!). 

The bottom line is that we had a real conversation. He gave me advise about my current situation and reminded me that I deserve to be happy. He even shared with me that he understood what I had put up with while I was with him and he was sorry he had put me through that. He also said he didn’t realize how good he had it with me until he was out there for over 12 years looking for who is now the Perfect Match for him. I really needed to hear that. Its funny how God will bring people into our lives exactly when we need them. It was pure chance that we had this opportunity to speak, but it was perfect. I honor that he is married and has found happiness and fulfillment. There truly is a perfect partner made for each one of us when we are open. I understand that we don’t choose who we fall in love with, but we can choose to walk away from those who won’t love us the way we deserve, even if that’s the very best way they can love us too. In the end, we were able to walk away saying it was great to hear we are doing well, and wished each other blessings. He reminded me I don’t have to settle for less than 85% of what I deserve. I thought that was funny! I have never looked at the average of happiness and fulfillment as a percentage, but I guess it makes sense! A man’s perspective will always be different than a woman’s I suppose—lol! So here is wishing you are given opportunities to heal old wounds and grant forgiveness to the past, and wish love and hope for the future.


In Love & Light,



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