Image over Character vs. Character over Image


Character supports your true image, make sure your character is solid

It is after midnight and I am just getting home. I had a mellow pre-halloween evening revisiting the 80’s, kind of cool to look back at the past and reminisce on where we were back in the day. Yeawzers!! I actually was still not an English speaker at the time. I actually didn’t learn how to speak English until I was 10yrs old. That will probably be another blog one day….or not….not sure yet, since things pop into my head that tend to make more sense at the time they are happening, and I write about that.
So, in spending time with a close friend we had a conversation about what is more important, because it seems that image has become more important to people than their character. I am in awe of the lengths that people will go to protect their image and sell out on their character. See? I have been there, it makes sense to want to protect yourself and be righteous about not ever making any mistakes or having to apologize. People would rather die than face their mistakes. This makes a person a weak character and they slowly kill themselves if not literally, definitely mentally and spiritually.
However, if given the choice; I would rather choose character and substance over image and status. I would rather apologize and save a friendship or connection to someone, over being right. It simply doesn’t make sense to me to have to live up to everyone else’s standards. My own desires and beliefs are more valuable than anyone’s judgments. I live my life to be true to what I feel is right, not for what my next door neighbor feels I should be doing. They probably make this judgement every weekend when I clean my house and blast my music to pump me up anyway. Again, I am doing what I need to in order to live a fulfilled life. I choose character over image. I must look at myself every day in the mirror and be able to look at my own eyes and say I lived this day being true to my feelings. How many people can say that? Probably many! Most of my friends do, because we can own up to our mistakes and still love and cheer each other on.
Its those other people who would rather maintain their status and image intact; who have the most to hide. Get over yourself peeps, we are human and will make mistakes…stop putting yourself on such a pedestal that you think it matters what you do! Well, whatever.!!…I’d rather be able to live with myself and have peace at home, than “act as if” everything is fine and feel miserable about myself. Ummmm, no thank you, you can keep it. Instead, keep it simple…live within the integrity of your soul and build your character….we are perfectly imperfect and God still loves us. How about we live up to that standard instead?! Here is to self -forgiveness and building our character scrapes and all!
In Love and Light,

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