Leave Room for Meaningful & Fulfilling Only Please

Meditating Garden Simplicity

Well its Wednesday, and this month is clearly moving along. This doesn’t meant that it doesn’t slow down enough to teach us some lessons, though. This morning I woke up to meditate to Deepak Chopra’s 21 day challenge (a total must do). I have meditated before and I had been missing the practice of it for quite some time. I love Deepak Chopra…and if you have not read his book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,” I definitely recommend it. 

For now, doing the meditating clears my mind and sets me on purpose for whatever it is that I “feel” needs my focus. I can say that sometimes I feel chaotic in my mind simply thinking about all the things that need my attention. Oddly enough, sometimes these things do not actually NEED my attention, but because I have set them as priorities in my mind, they become energy suckers. People who tend to be busy may recognize these and can attest to the fact that those are the items that can almost become overwhelming. (It’s like walking around with a quiet stern face on the outside, but inside you’re like screaming and running around with your hands in the air with fists full of hair!!…yup that’s me! I’ve done it both in my mind and physically out in the open! It was definitely a sight to see!). So, what I started to do, is to vent when I need to and then refocus. (This allows my bald spots to regrow the hair until the next possible meltdown!! Just kidding….I haven’t had one of those in a while…thanks to my own coaching time..).



Today for example, I only took what made sense in my life. I evaluated what was meaningful and fulfilling, and then passed on the things that simply did not “feel” like they would serve my purpose. I can’t explain the sense of peace I feel when I make a list of truly meaningful items, and only choose the ones that make me happy. It is God’s intention to see His children happy, so I don’t understand why we complicate things sometimes. Maybe it’s the hopeful crazy person in me who overcommits at times, or over evaluates a person’s offer to have a part in my life, but bottom line is: How does having this in my life make me happier?!? And if it does not, then there is no room for it in my life. So, a good practice I recommend is this: Make a list of the major desires and responsibilities in your life. Then place them in order of importance. Best practice is then to discuss them with the most objective person in your life….(ehhem, or a super awesome coach…see my coaching options here! Heehee!), and then move towards decluttering your list. Your life will feel so much more free flowing. This process then allows the Universe and God to show you how what you want, and what is meant for you, are pretty darn similar! So here’s to decluttering and removing energy sucks off your list! This could be seemingly responsibilities, objects, projects, or even people.


In Love & Light,



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