Mama Knows Best

The Night My Mom Met the Male 😉

My mom always says “Mas sabe el diablo por Viejo, que por diablo,” meaning: the devil knows more because he’s old, not because he’s the devil. I get it….the older I get, the clearer this is! Because I realize that no matter how much older I become, and the lessons I learned….my mom will always be older than me. So when I tell her what is going on in my life, she always has a wonderful way of advising me. She is quite wise. She is also quite spiritual and faithful, which I am also thankful for. I believe she set a good foundation in me to understand that there is a bigger power than our individuality. Anywho, she doesn’t read my blog. Not because she doesn’t want to, but because she is not very computer savvy. She has occasionally read it based on me bringing up the page when she visits and we discuss it. 

This time she sensed something was shifting in me and asked me what was going on. I simply told her that the male I was “seeing” for over a year was finally out of my life and that it was over ( and I call him a male because I don’t think he deserves to be called a man, and a boy he certainly isn’t due to his age…however behavior wise—well that’s another story! Haha! And not to say he hasn’t grown from this either, I wouldn’t know….I can say that I wish him well and hope he’s happy). Anyway….Her response was quite funny. She said “Mija, eso nunca comenzo!” In other words: “Honey, that never even started!” I laughed because she had met him, and we all got to spend time together; she saw right past his intentions and called it like she saw it. I didn’t believe her then, or should I say, I believed her but didn’t want to acknowledge she was right (the usual rebellious child in me, I guess!). So, after an evening of fun and libations with him, she told me she saw how much I liked him…but the feeling wasn’t mutual. Now that this ordeal is out of my life, I get it…..she knew it, and she also knew I had a lesson to learn on my own. I truly love that about my mom. She has learned that I am a strong woman. I will do what I need to in order to grow, and I can handle the failures and come to her when I need a hug. She also knows I can handle the successes and she will also be there to hug me then too. She knew that I had to go through this heartbreak in order to recognize when a true man will come into my life. She will call it then too, I’m sure…even if I don’t ask for her opinion (she knows deep down inside I will need to hear it!).


Mama always knows best. I hope that I have her for a long, long, long time to come and that she will one day see me live the life she wishes for me. Because if there is one thing I know; I know that as parents we want the very best for our kids. It doesn’t matter how old we get, we are still their children and they wish the very best. I hope I can give her that peace of mind one day and she will know that her only daughter will be happy, healthy, and fulfilled no matter my relationship status. So here is to fulfillment and joy in life, and the hope that mom’s wisdom will come in handy in the next adventures of life!


In Love & Light,


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