Empty Apologies and Broken Promises

Accountability To Your Committment Is Justified

Promises and Apologies without Deeds are As Empty as the Words that Deliver them. Yesterday I felt like myself again, going back into the gym after a short break felt rewarding. I haven’t truly felt social as it happens in times of hurt. I almost felt as though being around people would only hurt more than it would heal any pain. During my workout I received information which may have looked like an apology, but in my heart I knew it wasn’t. See the thing is I have learned to recognize the difference between someone attempting to do some damage control, and someone who truly loves you so wholeheartedly that they will DO anything to repair the hurt. 

I think that attempting to apologize without the true intent of healing is only pushing the knife deeper and making the cut that much more painful. It is counterproductive to deliver empty apologies. A true apology consists of three things: 1-Discuss the Hurt on both sides, 2-Allow each party to take responsibility for their actions, 3-Restore trust by DOING something to make up for the pain caused. The thing is that an apology of “I’m sorry” “I’m Truly Sorry” “This was all my fault”….however you want to dress it up….is no different from past apologies, and delivering them will only make both parties lose in this situation. One party will continue to be an enabler, and the other party a strengthened manipulator.


I believe that nothing is ever damaged beyond repair when two mentally stable loving people are involved. However, when the pain has been too much to bear and inaction is the consistent behavior of the other person, then the only thing that can repair it is accountability. Holding someone accountable is the same as bringing out into the open the actions that lead to the final straw. The only thing I must say about this is that I am about action. Yes, I will test your intentions by things I say and propose, but I will always allow the truth to show up all on its own. People have a beautiful way of stepping up when they are sincere, and fall apart when their intentions come to light! So, Here is to accountability, responsibility and action….not settling for empty words and broken promises anymore!


In Love & Light,


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