The Best of Me

Empowered Women Change the World!

I understand that people may say that people don’t change. But of course we do! We change based on the experiences we bring into our lives. Sometimes we change in a big way, and sometimes in a small way. The difference is whether we made the effort to learn from the situation, or we failed to take the lesson from it. How far are we willing to elevate our thinking is what makes the difference. 

The greatest thing I have learned lately is that sometimes we get stuck and become stubborn about being right. It is hard to admit that when things happened to us, that we ourselves allowed things to happen TO us. There are various levels of responsibility towards people. The biggest opening can be the realization that when I get stuck I do not allow myself be the best person I can be. In turn I don’t let people be the best person they can possibly be also. Instead I short change people the real me. I settle for acting as the person who they expected me to be. The smallness of being emotional, irrational, needy, and dramatic can be comfortable because it is easy. It doesn’t take much to allow ourselves to get carried away with our feelings, in fact most of society, songs and movies advocate for it! What?! No!! Don’t act shocked….drama breeds everywhere we look! But, it is much more valuable to show people who we really are.


I realize that I haven’t been who I know I am around certain people. I was being lazy about holding myself to a higher standard. I knew full well that I wasn’t being myself, but part of me wanted to take a break from the person I know I am; in all actuality I must admit it was fun. It was fun to be in the drift of life and let myself be what is sometimes expected of women. I have always known who I am, however. Getting back to myself meant checking back in. Being the logical, rational, self-loving, nurturing woman I am, was what I was withholding from others. I may have given glimpses of who I am as a gift sometimes, but I held back the majority of the time; mainly because I didn’t think the situation was worth giving the best of me. And how sad for me and the other person to not have been given THAT part of me. I short changed myself by not showing up as the real person I am. Of course the only possible outcome was what it ended up being. I wasn’t there. The real me wasn’t there. The “smallness” of me showed up, not the “empowered” woman I know I am.


This freedom is the best possible feeling I could find through all this. Being myself again and knowing that the next time I will recognize when I am being lazy about showing up, and instead shift into being the empowered woman I KNOW I AM! So, ladies and MEN…..bring the Best of You to every situation and give the gift of love and clarity from the beginning; I promise, life will be so much more peaceful and free!


In Love & Light,




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