Liberated Sisterhood 

Nurturing Sisterhood is Healing

You know? I love the sisterhood. There are many ways to acknowledge the sisterhood and how we all give to each other. I loved the opportunity to be able to liberate each other from the chains that have held us back in the past, and how we can be so loving and nurturing to each other. In recent days I had the opportunity to see a brand new sister join our world and community. I felt so honored to be allowed to meet her so soon after being born. I was in complete awe of this little being. She is one of us, not only is she one of us, but she has the best mommy and auntie I can possibly imagine. 

There are times when I simply stand back and take in the surroundings. I noticed myself doing that on that day. I sat back and looked at the new mommy being so careful to do what was best for baby (aww melted my heart!). I saw auntie being super supportive of everything that was going on, and the other ladies in the room also (I cannot explain how much I admire and love this woman!!). I found myself feeling so blessed to be part of it. I also felt a huge responsibility to want to be a good role model for the young ladies who were there, and the new baby who would get to learn from all of us in her life. We all make up the strength in the sisterhood if we live with our hearts in the open.


On a side note; being part of the sisterhood hadn’t always been easy for me. I didn’t grow up with the best of experiences with girls and I had pulled away. When I turned 30 my life began to change. I left a very limiting relationship which opened the doors for me to model and travel the U.S. I also went back to school and earned a bachelor’s degree and graduated Cum Laude from a Christian University (Thank you LAWD!!). I am simply saying that it took a lot of work and discipline to get my life back on track. It also took many patient loving sisters who brought me back to feel what it’s like to be a WOMAN in the Sisterhood. Now, I see that I have had the opportunity to liberate another WOMAN, and for that I am thankful. I am thankful that she reached out to me. I can see that at her young 31yrs of age she is free to live her life with her local sisters whom she had been pulled away from. And, that she gets to explore life as God intended for her to live it—Fulfilled-Purposeful-Happy! I am extremely thankful for her kind words and for being so strong and courageous to free herself too! Marianne Williamson says that “People are brought together for healing.” I agree with all my heart!


Hurray for the sisterhood and deep loving healing! Embrace your sisters today—love them up because in the end, we heal each other in a liberating way!


In Love & Light,



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