Change Your Music, Change Your Thoughts!


I woke up with a new attitude today. Something has been shifting in me and I am so forever thankful. A new practice I started about a month ago was changing the music I listen to. I absolutely love country music and of course romantic Spanish music, both of those speak to my soul. Mostly because when I was 21 I was a singer in a Spanish music band and of course I’m also Latina, and Country…well, that’s just fun! 

What prompted this was a thought about a practice I learned when I was earning my undergraduate degree. A great professor taught us that the brain cannot hold two thoughts at the same time. So when you are thinking one thing and begin to read or say something else, one of two things will happen. You will either start saying what you are thinking as if spilling out of your mouth!! (I have experienced this many a times—I sometimes need a filter….but I don’t regret speaking the truth…#sorrynotsorry pfft!). Or, the other thing that happens is your thoughts start changing to what you are saying or reading instead.


While attempting to change our thinking it can be very difficult to battle against our thoughts and belief system because we are fighting with ourselves! We have a built in survival mechanism….even our thoughts will fight tooth and nail to stay alive! So its as my brother reminded me yesterday, “La costumbre es mas fuerte que el amor!” Translation is, “habits are stronger than love!” Hence the reason why we hold on to our thoughts, toxic relationships, and even those good things too, but the toughest ones to break are of course the bad ones! Even above the love for ourselves!


So, what I had done before was to make up a booklet of positive thoughts and beliefs about myself. As soon as I would start thinking negatively, I would pull out that booklet and start reading it out loud so my mind would hear it and I would feel peace. This time, I realized I was feeding my mind these ideas from songs that were not serving me. I decided to look up empowering songs and songs about self-love and success instead. Here we are 30 days later and I feel fantastic! Of course things take time, and healing will probably take me a lifetime…but at least I can change my thoughts when I get too deep. I truly recommend this practice. You can look up empowering songs by asking Uncle Google and make a playlist which you can play, stick to what you know is true about you and release the defeating thoughts. Make your self-love priority and all will be just fine!


Here is to empowering yourself!


In Love & Light,




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