A New Chapter A New Address 

Time to Move for a New Chapter

Monday Blog…This weekend has been filled with many great moments and also some uneasy moments.It is known that God will align things in our lives so that we move forward in the path that is intended for us. I have been in conversations this weekend that have shaken the ground from under me. And, I have also had the most beautiful conversations with my sisters and family that remind me God is powerful and amazing, and that no matter how someone treats you, what His plan is for us is even greater than we can imagine.


I must say that it was scary to receive the notice on my rental for the increase that would make it too uncomfortable for my son and I to stay where we are. I love that my brothers and sisters have been super supportive so that I am able to also see this as an opportunity to move forward. The place where we live has been beautiful and holds some great memories. However, I also feel that it is time for us to move forward towards an unknown future. I truly do not know what the future holds….and for the first time I am also not trying to figure it out!! This is huge for me since I am constantly searching for answers. Not this time…I am trusting God is aligning the Universe in the best way possible for us.


So now, I am looking for a place to live and start a new chapter in the south bay. Redondo is mine and my son’s home. I am trusting that whatever the future holds will be what is best for the both of us here. I am thankful to have such beautiful amazing sisters who nurture our sisterhood, and I am extremely thankful for the protective brotherhood that surrounds me also. So all in all, thank you in advanced for any positive energy you can send my son and I to find a safe, beautiful, and affordable place to live by mid-February 2016! I trust fully that the change will be a move in the right direction. I even invite you to embrace change in your life on our behalf, because your courage will transcend to us as well….I Promise you that!!! Have a great week and I will check in with you soon!


In Love & Light,




2 thoughts on “A New Chapter A New Address 

  1. flowwithlaura says:

    Beautiful post Cinthia! I just read recently that our stress levels depend mainly on our ability to accept change, and flow with it, like a ninja. Something I’ve been thinking a lot in my life. I love your response to this move. Very inspiring. Your words support me and I hope the energy of my living this way supports you!
    Lots of love to you Cinthia!

    • innergy8 says:

      That’s right Laura! I can see that! Anxiety and Stress and even Depression can surface when we don’t accept change and go with the flow! I’m all for it Hun….thanks for sourcing change in our lives!! Sending you positive energy too!

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