Bringing in 2016


Today is the last Monday of 2015!!! It is almost sureal to think that this is the very last week of this crazy year. Like totally!! We will never have this day again, peeps. The holidays have been great so far, and I have spent lots of time with family and friends. It reminds me how lucky I am to have such great sisters and of course family too. With the ending of the year it made sense to look at what I wanted to leave behind in 2015. So I made a choice to take some time and close out relationships that were no longer working in my life. It was important to look at how long I had kept people in my life and if the relationship was one sided, then it wasn’t coming with me into 2016. I stopped looking at how much time I had invested in the relationships or friendships. Instead I looked at the person I became when they were in my life and if it didn’t make me a better person, then I did have to say goodbye. The saddest one was finally having a real talk with a friend I had for 12 years. I can say that clearing out space will only make room for other friendships/relationships in my life that will be rewarding. I can feel it! 

A practice that has also been cleansing has been to take the time to literally clear out items from my home and my work space. I can feel the cleansing of the energy all around. I am taking the forward steps to go into 2016 focusing on a more harmonious life in every domain. So as we head into 2016, and before we get there; I suggest making a list of those things that are only clutter in your home and get rid of them or donate them. Make a list of things you will work on for every domain so that you may attain balance too!


For example, focusing on getting healthier or losing weight is something MOST people will focus on. However; there are other domains that are equally as important, so take the time to also set goals there. The domains I recommend are the following: Health, Finance, Career, Spirituality, Relationships, Aesthetics and Community.


On my end the personal goals I have for 2016 will be written before the end of the week, and they will be the first thing I look at on 1/1/2016! Have a fantastic week and I wish you the life you truly deserve the upcoming year!!!


In Love & Light,





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