Exciting News for the New Year!!

2016 a year of FREEDOM

It is Monday morning….YES!!! The very first Monday of 2016!! Whoohoo!! Wait, are there some of you who are grunting about going back to work? Oh, Come on!! We had a great break, and now it is time to get in gear!! I must say that 2016 has already started with a great wave of positivity and freedom! I truly hope that it has for you as well. So, let’s get this life on!! 

As for me, I have been working diligently on finalizing my book. The process has been more enjoyable working along with some pretty amazing people. This workbook will be available for purchase on my website soon! And, I am super excited to share it with you. I sincerely hope it will assist you in making a shift during the 12 weeks of the guided journaling you will do. Well enough of that!! I will blog next week to let you know when it is up on the website!


For now, what was the list of 2016 goals you made? Or did you even make one? It isn’t too late you know?! Get it done and start working on it….get excited about life peeps…there is so much in it! Feel the freedom of making decisions for yourself knowing that you are in full control of making things happen, because you can! Best of luck this week and love on all the people around you! Sending you a great big hug!!


In love & light,





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