All that matters is LOVE!





This weekend was the most glorious weekend spent with my leadership team at our completion getaway. The mountain was covered in icy snow, and yet everything was cozy because of the love we were sharing. I cannot explain the emotional fulfillment that my heart experienced the entire weekend. Having no access to a phone was also peaceful because it kept me from any outside influence. I was able to focus on the people around me and the love I felt for having completed everything we set out to accomplish as a team! I will forever be thankful for the crazy journey and the integrity that we got to practice together since August!


Coming back to reality had me face my very young aunt’s current health status and how at an early age of 44 she is not well. Things almost felt like they were falling apart. Even something as simple as getting my son back from his visit with his dad seemed chaotic. The beauty of it all is that I felt supported for what I personally needed to do. My team supported me to complete our graduation and celebration. My son’s father supported us in getting my son back home half way in the middle of the night. He will always be a great father and I’m thankful for that.


The next day yielded me the opportunity to rush out to Mexico to visit my aunt and have an opportunity to see her, as well as to be there for my mother. I would not have been able to do this without the family I feel I have surrounding my son and I now. I may be alone with my son in the south bay and my daughter not too far….but it is clear to see that the love we have, and the support from all those around us, is very present and we are not truly alone.


Holding my aunt’s frail hand Monday night reminded me how fragile the human body is, but not the soul. I spent time reminding her about how it had been great to play dolls with her growing up and riding bikes and everything else we did together. And, you know what I can’t remember? Any of the times we argued, fought, pulled each other’s hair or hurt each other…because in the end none of that matters. The love, joy, and laughter we shared are all that is left. The memories of love are all that the heart remembers. This reminded me to reach out to those who have helped in growing my ability to feel love and feel loved. I have not regretted loving anyone, because now I only remember having LOVED them and feeling their love back. This is how I want to live the rest of my life….the ONLY thing that Matters is LOVE! I hope you do the same.


In love & light,





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