Light in Darkness

Seek the Light

These days of darkness had me looking deep within. They also had me wonder how much can the human heart take before it gives up?! Then I saw that it is necessary to know how deep you can go in order to get your life in somewhat of an orderly state. When giving up isn’t really an option; what else is left but to handle business, right? In doing so I notice that the most important thing is to feel connected to others. “Hate” has no room in my life, and unfortunately it takes my energy to attempt to correct any situation where I feel hate is present. This of course only puts me in a place where “fixing” something takes my attention and vulnerability. I also realize that it takes a very intuitive and self aware person to understand the difference between connecting with someone out of pure love, and connecting with someone thinking there is a romantic connection. 

I grew up knowing I can have platonic relationships with men. I can appreciate someone’s friendship without needing them in a romantic way. I realize that this isn’t the case for all people. There are those who mistake the desire for connection with an interest for romance. I mean its cute and all, but just because you are a man and I am a woman doesn’t mean there is intention for romance.

I think this awareness is available to me because I was the only girl in a family of all brothers. I can love a man deeply and not want romance with him, even if there has been a past connection that way. In fact, I presently still keep in contact with the men in my past and I have absolutely no romantic feelings for them, other than gratitude and a desire for the friendship we had. I realize that the men who truly knew me, and are self aware, can keep this friendship with me. 

I am no one to judge, I simply feel sad that people would prefer to lose valuable people, than to practice forgiveness. (On a side note, people who have a hard time with forgiveness, have a serious attachment to their ego and tend to be inflexible also tend to have problems with their knees- Note from Louise L. Hay “You Can Heal Your Life”). So being weak at the knees or having knee injuries are actually a sign of not being able to forgive people.
You can also recognize that pride and ego makes a person’s life empty and void of true agape love. As I said in the past, 2016 is a fresh start, a new page, a blank canvas of possibility. It takes courage to hand out true forgiveness and make all your friendships new, and begin again as if the past had never happened. Some people may look at this as weakness, but I still see it as a strength. I love that I can forget wrong doings and forgive people, and I am thankful for the lesson my Aunt left with me this week about focusing on love. As I move forward to be part of this life and love all those around me; I can say that I appreciate the dark days because the hope for brighter days is oh so very present. I hope your dark days give you strength and build you, that the pain you bear will soften your heart to hand out forgiveness freely, and that the future holds brighter days where the tears that continue to flow are of joy and no longer of pain.
In Love & Light,

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