Your True Colors are Showing!

It was always a matter of time!

It is always a matter of time before someone’s true colors show. Sometimes it takes less time for authenticity to show up on some, and longer for others. I have always believed that truth reveals itself in due time. And the timing of truth is always in perfect unison with the path that is meant for each one of us. 

I think that people can be in our lives for a long time, and you may still not be able to see who they truly are until they are no longer trying to impress you. When someone has finally found themselves feeling comfortable away from you, or in your presence, that is when they will be who they truly are! (Because that is who they always were!!).


My favorite part is when I am able to see someone’s authentic self without any regard for how it may look to others. And, when someone can be free to express themselves and share their light. Of course people will also show their dark side and their intentions will also make an appearance. Practicing the act of awareness is important to recognize other’s true intentions, but know that you are protected. In my case, I tend to be trusting, probably too trusting, but recent events have prepared me to be more discerning to people’s words. I know that it is in the deeds and not the words.


For now, trust that your path is exactly how it needs to unfold, let the truth reveal itself (because it always will, you can count on that!!)….then simply bask in the light of success, because you and those around you deserve honesty and clarity and nothing less!


In Love & Light,





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