How can this happen????


Interconnected even through time and space


Have you ever asked yourself how some things happen that almost seem unexplainable? It’s hard to believe sometimes when coincidences will happen that appear to be perfectly orchestrated. Sometimes running into someone who knows someone whom  you were thinking about, or even a random text comes through from a person you haven’t heard from in years after recently just having them on your mind. Or, even meeting a special someone out of the midst of chaos. 

The thing is that we are all super connected. There is no human who doesn’t carry these threads of connection, even if they don’t believe in them. Just as we need each other, we are also not alone. We can “feel” alone, or alienated, but there is so much proof to show us that is not the case.


Take for instance our Redondo Beach Women’s Entrepreneurship MeetUP group; since we recently had a scheduled meeting. (Which I know is growing and I am excited to see what will come of it.) And, in searching the locals, and friends of friends, I was inviting other women to join us. Which only showed me how small this world is; especially in our local communities, we are ALL interconnected. (Sometimes however, its awkward to have shared in areas that may not even seem sanitary, really!! Haha!).


Bottom line is the thinking and discussion we shared prompted something to happen out in the universe that caused others to become involved in our thinking. The very next day I received a text from someone I hadn’t connected with in several years!! Random text saying he was thinking of me and for some reason felt compelled to reach out!! The only thought in my head was “of course you did, I was just thinking of you last night!”


The thing is that we are never really, not connected. We are always connected, and we will be brought together for healing, and growing, and learning, and so many other things. Even time and space doesn’t stop when people stop speaking, our connection is still there and is nurturing that can bring it back to life at any time! Our responsibility is to love the opportunities we get, and take care of each other, regardless of our ego and our righteousness. So this week, keep growing, healing, supporting, and loving each other….I mean, unless you just want a meaningless life filled with only pets and no other human connections?! Which I doubt you want! So love people up so they can love you all up too! We deserve that!


In Love & Light,





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