The Other, Other Woman

Women Empowering Other Women

There is a song I used to listen to when I was a 12 year old (probably too grown up for my age at the time, but I’ve always been a bit advanced in my intuitive thinking). The song was in Spanish and the words always impacted me. The singer was a female who was very popular in the spanish community. She talked about life and how people never know who they are working for (in other words, we never know who will benefit from our actions). For instance we may be so diligent about living our lives with integrity and asking the right questions, yet the other parties may be making their own path in an entirely different direction at the same time. 

The song mentions a woman on her way to speak with the known “other woman.” She was empowered and aware of her disatisfaction in the situation. The man had been seeing other women for quite some time and she “kindda” knew about it, but had never found concrete proof. The woman finally got the proof she needed and she reached out to the other woman. During the song she tells the other woman how thankful she was for providing the proof needed, and that she knew it was happening but had waited patiently for proof. She would quietly allow him the freedom needed to build that relationship because eventually she knew it would be easier for her to let go. Again….I was only 12 years old and the story intrigued me like crazy, especially because I couldn’t understand how the other woman knew exactly what she was doing, but truly didn’t know she was doing the other woman a favor by taking the man away from her. The joke was on her.


I thought “How crazy is that, though?” How do women do this to eachother first of all, and how do we allow men to have this playing field. I think its one thing to believe what men say and try to prove to you when you are in it. But for a woman to actively know when a man is involved with other women; one or several, and still accept it is crazy to me. I almost thought that this was a made up story; until I grew up, and then I met that man….because he exists….with many different names, I’m sure. This is not an unlikely story, I’ve heard it before. It really is a matter of how far we women let someone go. I remember thinking I will always ask the right questions, and I will always expect the man’s integrity to be true, and this could never happen to me. Well, what is interesting is that it has. When a man wants to play, he will play, and he will tell the story that best suits him to get what he wants. Not only will he lie his best lies, but he will believe his own lies. The woman with the most integrity will leave the situation, the woman with the biggest blinders will be divinely protected and guided to be free of it, but the woman with the least self-respect will be the one who gets the player(by default because no one wanted him haha), and because she harbored him all along. Of course, the one left in the playing field will be fulfilling her karmaic debt, because in the end, we all learn our lessons.


My goal in life is to empower our women early in age to know their worth, to understand their integrity, and to hold others accountable for their actions so this doesn’t happen. As well as teach our young men how to live with integrity. Once again, this is why a team of us have created Loving Hands In Motion, and will be servicing our communities to educate them in living life in honest integrity. In the meantime, lets keep learning and growing and being thankful for the lessons of life that make us better people!


In Love & Light,




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