Bold is Beautiful

Bold is living in honesty and expecting the same in return


Life is beautiful and you are constantly being prepared for it. If you were to look back at your life and reflect on all your blessings, I wonder how many amazing things you would see? Or maybe you have sat at home alone at some point and thought about all the dark places you have been? Our minds will feed into the thoughts we entertain, and I can tell you that it is our better bet to focus on the positive than the negative even when it proves challenging.


I know we can be stubborn, boy do I know that!! Our egos will stop us dead in our tracks and we can dig our heels in deep even when our hearts want something else. I’ve seen it in myself, I have seen it in others, and I have seen it in even the most professional of people. Our egos will control our destiny if we let them. Or we can accept our heart’s desires and live a life truly worth living. But how do we do this?


The thing is that sometimes we spend so much time learning and growing intellectually, that we forget how to grow our spirit and our soul. To truly expand our nature and see beyond the physical world we live in, we must be open to the unknown. We spend so much time filling our buckets with tangible things that we forget to also fill the bucket of our emotional needs, which is where we could find true fulfillment.


In fact, sometimes I wish I could shake people awake. If only I can rattle them and have them notice that they are creating their own sad reality. I see what they are doing in their life and I feel compelled to stop them from digging a deeper hole. Then I remember that every time I have done that, that people are not accepting of my suggestions. Sometimes people think I am too bold for saying what needed to be said for everyone’s benefit. I have come to realize that it can takes years for someone to contact me and say “thank you for doing what you did.” I know it’s uncomfortable to grow, and it may even seem as an insult to be told bluntly what is really going on. But at the end of the day, being true and honest is the only way to live. I would rather know the truth one million times over, than to be fed sugar coated lies.


This is why I know life is beautiful and perfect. It is through the courage in the integrity of people and their honesty, which have allowed me to grow. So why would I rob someone of that gift? I wouldn’t!! I always say, ask me anything, I will tell you, even if you don’t want to hear the truth. I am not going to give you the answer you want to hear. I will always give you the answer that will grow us all. And maybe this is why God created the honest and blunt; the ones with self-worth which scare and intimidate others, because we accept nothing less. The ones who will tell it like it is and accept nothing less than honesty. I have been told that they can feel me and that I see right through them. This is why people who are consistently in my life are the ones who can be transparent. I have been lucky that way…or rather, I have intentionally created my life this way in order to live in truth across all of my relationships. I can take your honesty if you can take mine. I know that I am constantly being prepared for something and the future is still a journey to grow from, but you know what???? I know I am fully open to growth and I am prepared to handle it! We all are, once we start looking at the unfolding of our lives as perfectly necessary to grow into our greater selves.  


So for now, embrace your life fully and know that you and I and the people around you, we are all being perfectly prepared to serve a much bigger purpose! 


In Love & Light,




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