Divine Feminine

We Have Awakened


This weekend yielded some very much needed girl time. I know I have spent time with friends and other women many of my days lately. And, of course it has been fun and exploratory in a sense that we are building projects together. However, this weekend was much more about having pure girl fun and connecting with the tribe of women.


My friend and I started a MeetUp group in Redondo Beach back in January 2016. The intention was to get to know more local ladies and help build each other up in business, life, and especially love. And by love I mean Love in the Divine Feminine. The thing is that it is common for women to compete, compare, and straight up be mean to each other. Where we can find many more rewards however, is in the nurturing, love, and support we can create for each other, when we focus on agape love. We wanted to call forth the women who are all about that, and to be amongst the ladies with high self-love and self-worth, and who are willing to be the loving space for other women to grow. And this is exactly who we are finding!!


What has happened in the last two meetups has been beautiful. We have encountered great women who are completely open and willing to build a positive environment for all women; and to support each other’s businesses as well. What was the most beautiful process this last Friday was that there was a common thread we all shared. I find it interesting that whenever we come together as groups, there is a commonality that we end up discovering. It is as though we call each other into our lives based on the need to grow and heal. It’s as Marianne Williamson says “People are brought together for healing,” and I couldn’t agree more.


So, what we thought was going to be a one and a half hour meetup, ended up being a three and a half hour period of building up our women’s tribe. I couldn’t be more honored to have been in this loving space and to hear all the individual journeys. I am looking forward to continue to meet the local ladies of the South Bay, and I am certain that the ones who will continue to appear will be the perfect addition to this wonderful divine feminine tribe which already exists in this gorgeous community by the ocean. We just needed the arena to come out and connect, and so here we are! Welcome ladies!


This week I will be in gratitude for the divine feminine and agape love….I encourage you to honor those women who have given you life, by way of birth, or by way of bringing life into every interaction you have with them. Women can be the safest loving space of refuge when you honor it with caring and true love. I won’t mention the opposite of how women can be here, because I know what happens there too. However, when we focus on love, only love can heal, and love can rebuild, but it has to start with you first, so focus on that!


In Love & Light,




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