Oh today! Today I have become more aware of how people are a gift. All of us in some way impact others, and in some way enhance the experience of each other’s lives. This is probably nothing new to you. But in every moment there is growth, and in every moment there is an opportunity to make our lives become something different. During a recent conversation I took a closer look at the changes of my thought. I came to the realization that changes can happen so subtly, that suddenly a person can become much more open minded, but in reality it wasn’t so SUDDEN. Just as when something traumatic can change a person, something in the undercurrent of life can/and does also change a person.


Last year I took a year to focus on my spirituality and my connection to the universe, to the sisterhood, and to the meaning of my contribution to this world. It has been a journey that has taken the last 12 months from February 2016 to February 2017. As I have written in the past entries I had a hard time embracing it, but here I am. I have embraced the colorful Hippie in me, and also the flowerchild who dances free under the stars of the forests and the deserts.


There is something to be said for the connections we build with others. Life is an intricate network of connectedness in this small in reality we call our universe. I love that we come in and out of each other’s lives in so many forms. Relationships have this beautiful ebb and flow with a rhythmic pattern of entries and exits. One thing is constant for sure, love. Love is so diverse that caring for people is inevitable. You may have different feelings and emotions towards people, but the bottom line is that we care. Even when it’s not a positive caring experience, we still care. It is impossible to dismiss the connections and for that I am thankful.


I figured I’d share this passing thought and encourage you to connect, even if you are scared to. I know I have been scared in the past for fear of being hurt, used, or maybe even abandoned. The point is that all of that will happen regardless, and it has. So why not connect, and then connect again, and then again, because in the end; the connection and caring we have for others is what has made this life worth living.


In love & light,