Youth Business Alliance Workshop

I had an opportunity to facilitate a workshop for high performing students through Youth Business Alliance at a school in downtown Los Angeles. I felt on fire about sharing these secrets that most of us learned later in our adults years, and some still have not (not to worry, you can hire me for that!). Anyhow, it was so exciting to see these teens light up when the secret is revealed and they see themselves as they truly are for the very first time ever! And their peers!! Their peers got so excited to confirm that they have always seen these traits but couldn’t put words to them. I helped them put words to that!
I can’t wait to keep doing this with more groups and help people reach their goals. I can’t imagine how far these kids will go having discovered this tool much earlier in life than I did.

In Love & Light,

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The Game of Falling in Love


You know? I have learned many games in my 42 years of life. Yes, I believe I’ve had a good life so far. Like so many others I have had my ups and downs, heartbreaks and heart mends. I have struggled as much as I have had successes. I have had accomplishments and some undeniably painful and even embarrassing failures. I have played games and I have been played with. Of all those things however, I think; the game of life and falling in love is the one game that we should all be so very lucky to have a chance to play.


So of course, I was looking at this game as a player in it. I realize that my favorite part in the game of falling in love is that there are so many ways to do it. I have seen people fall in love so wholeheartedly that it consumes them. I have also seen people love so deeply that it hurts. I have seen people love at a distance or simply out of admiration. I have seen people fall in love with inanimate objects. BUT, the most beautiful of all is to see people fall in love with each other. I can also tell you that I have played many of those parts, if not all.


I had this discussion with a friend the other day and how it was a gift to play the game of falling in love. I remember meeting and seeing this person as a perfect stranger. I sat next to them without giving it another thought. I had never intended to ever feel anything for them, nor did I assume that they would have a significant role in molding me into who I have become. I can tell you that this has happened several times in my life. Some of my closest and dearest friends hold a piece of my heart because we have fallen in love with each other. I can’t, actually; I refuse to imagine how my life would be without them. Even when I don’t see my friends often. I still hold their love close to my heart. It is hard for me to let people go, it always has been. In fact, I can admire someone who can walk away and never look back, but I can assure you that has been a struggle for me.


I have been called “love monkey” for some reason. The most fantastic of all reasons is because I can certainly act like a monkey jumping from branch to branch. I can love up on all those around me and some may see it as silly monkey business. I simply want to play and connect and let people know they are loved. I am extremely grateful for those who have shared the art of falling in love with me. Sometimes, I can even go backwards and remember the exact moment I fell in love friends, with my children, or with my parents, or even with my brothers. I can also tell you, that there are those moments I can pinpoint with each stranger who became my friend, and when they entered my heart and I handed it right over to them. And I am a stronger person for it.


The great thing about falling in love with those around us, even our co-workers or the friendly cashier at the coffee shop, or even the people who have become part of our very soul is that; they will always be part of that wonderful game we played. This game is where we agree to give each other of our love, and where they give it back lovingly because we feel safe. I am a better person for having fallen in love with my soul sisters and with my soul brothers, because they fulfill the need for peace in my heart. You can’t ever leave my personal tribe without knowing that while you are in my space I will love you deeply, and when you are away I will still love you deeply. I am always so thankful to be given the opportunity to love a person because it was a gift.


I must warn you though. The game of falling in love isn’t always easy to play. Sometimes loving with complete abandon can leave us vulnerable and as an easy target. Sometimes you can be so wounded that you refuse to play again. Sometimes it feels like the scariest and most unsafe place to be when it begins to become too raw. But even with this warning, I can only share my personal experience, and my experience has been that every game has left me stronger, wiser, maybe even sort of a love junkie. Because feeling every feeling in it makes me human, it reminds me I’m alive and that the best thing I can give and receive is love. I am forever thankful for those I have shared this game with. Especially for those who have chosen to stay in it with me even through the tough times. I honestly wish for you many players who are willing to play this game with you. And above that, I hope that the universe will provide you with many versions of this game and that in each one of those games you get to play with partners who will play the never ending game with you. May you fall in love over and over and over again, but promise me you will truly fall in love and let others fall in love with you, we all deserve that much honesty.


In love and light,






Oh today! Today I have become more aware of how people are a gift. All of us in some way impact others, and in some way enhance the experience of each other’s lives. This is probably nothing new to you. But in every moment there is growth, and in every moment there is an opportunity to make our lives become something different. During a recent conversation I took a closer look at the changes of my thought. I came to the realization that changes can happen so subtly, that suddenly a person can become much more open minded, but in reality it wasn’t so SUDDEN. Just as when something traumatic can change a person, something in the undercurrent of life can/and does also change a person.


Last year I took a year to focus on my spirituality and my connection to the universe, to the sisterhood, and to the meaning of my contribution to this world. It has been a journey that has taken the last 12 months from February 2016 to February 2017. As I have written in the past entries I had a hard time embracing it, but here I am. I have embraced the colorful Hippie in me, and also the flowerchild who dances free under the stars of the forests and the deserts.


There is something to be said for the connections we build with others. Life is an intricate network of connectedness in this small in reality we call our universe. I love that we come in and out of each other’s lives in so many forms. Relationships have this beautiful ebb and flow with a rhythmic pattern of entries and exits. One thing is constant for sure, love. Love is so diverse that caring for people is inevitable. You may have different feelings and emotions towards people, but the bottom line is that we care. Even when it’s not a positive caring experience, we still care. It is impossible to dismiss the connections and for that I am thankful.


I figured I’d share this passing thought and encourage you to connect, even if you are scared to. I know I have been scared in the past for fear of being hurt, used, or maybe even abandoned. The point is that all of that will happen regardless, and it has. So why not connect, and then connect again, and then again, because in the end; the connection and caring we have for others is what has made this life worth living.


In love & light,



Kicking and Screaming


2016 has had a consistent undertone for me. That is, I have resisted every change, opportunity, loss, beginning and end of situations, and attempted to avoid everything consisting of anything uncomfortable or different than what I have done in the past. You may say “What? You are resistant to change and discomfort?”….Ummm YES!! In fact, most people are! There are some people who love and crave change. I simply happen to not be one of those people who actually accept change as easily. In fact, I have been known to be a bit of a brat (ok, a big brat) when change is impossed upon me.


I must admit however, that this year has taught me so much about this unattractive quality. Yet, every bit of change I resisted was actually a blessing. Every bit of pain I have felt, and pain I have caused was actually an opportunity in the making. My bonds have become stronger, my career has become something I joyously embrace and absolutely adore (in fact I have decided to further my education and training within my career, and I have even developed a hunger for expanding my knowledge in my field). I have had some great experiences traveling on my own and meeting with people I would have never met in my life from another country.


I noticed that what surfaced the most this year were the bonds and connections I feel to others. My admiration for people’s ability to love has grown to be true adoration for them. I have never known someone to love as freely, or as deeply, and forgive as quickly as some of these beautiful human beings in my life. I have also learned to let go of those who do not know what it is like to be a friend, and have embraced tightly on to those who have shown consistently what true friendship looks like.


I have taken the time to welcome new people into my life, even if I have made it hard for them to be in it. I find that sometimes the people, the things, and the situations we resist the most, are actually those opportunities which shape our destiny. I also think that sometimes it is simply hard to believe that we deserve someone’s love or forgiveness and we can sabotage a friendship or relationship so easily. The key here for me was having people around who were willing to be honest and direct. And how lucky was I that people also made it a point to let me know how important it was for them to build on our friendship, love and trust. Most people would have simply walked away.


2016 may have been the year I have thrown tantrums like a child would have if she didn’t get to keep playing in the playground past daylight. Regardless of my resistance though; the Universe has brought me some pretty exceptional souls and life energies, that I would do anything to ensure they know how deeply I love them. This holiday season is going by so quickly, probably quicker than most other years, it seems. So if I can take a moment to slow down and count my blessings; to spend even a few minutes a day to let everyone know how much I appreciate them, and how dumb it was of me to kick and scream like a brat not getting her way. Then maybe this passing time will have some mercy upon a brat like me, and allow me to love them all up, to hold them close, to thank them for their patience, to show them how special they are, and how I couldn’t possibly have gotten through this year without them all.


I truly hope from the deepest side of my soul, that you can and will; let everyone know what they mean to you. I hope that even if you didn’t support a loved ones’ cause, or didn’t buy from their fundraiser, or didn’t go to their birthday party this year; that your bonds are solid and that all parties know they are important beyond the surface stuff. Enjoy this season and embrace the love and friendships and simply get over yourself. Stop being a brat and let go of the grudges, because what matters is love. Life is too darn short to hold on to the punishments we put on ourselves or others. I bet you anything it really isn’t that serious. But the loss of someone great is, and you can’t repair that by holding on to being righteous. I wish you all love and light and above that, that you are able to experience true Love and Light within your soul. It feels much better in that space, so seek it out.





Keeping Love Alive


Love is Worth the Silence

My best kept secret has always been you.

Silence is golden and it will keep love alive. Privacy has been the biggest blessing, and for you, I will do it for as long as it needs to be.
In love & light,


Divine Feminine

We Have Awakened


This weekend yielded some very much needed girl time. I know I have spent time with friends and other women many of my days lately. And, of course it has been fun and exploratory in a sense that we are building projects together. However, this weekend was much more about having pure girl fun and connecting with the tribe of women.


My friend and I started a MeetUp group in Redondo Beach back in January 2016. The intention was to get to know more local ladies and help build each other up in business, life, and especially love. And by love I mean Love in the Divine Feminine. The thing is that it is common for women to compete, compare, and straight up be mean to each other. Where we can find many more rewards however, is in the nurturing, love, and support we can create for each other, when we focus on agape love. We wanted to call forth the women who are all about that, and to be amongst the ladies with high self-love and self-worth, and who are willing to be the loving space for other women to grow. And this is exactly who we are finding!!


What has happened in the last two meetups has been beautiful. We have encountered great women who are completely open and willing to build a positive environment for all women; and to support each other’s businesses as well. What was the most beautiful process this last Friday was that there was a common thread we all shared. I find it interesting that whenever we come together as groups, there is a commonality that we end up discovering. It is as though we call each other into our lives based on the need to grow and heal. It’s as Marianne Williamson says “People are brought together for healing,” and I couldn’t agree more.


So, what we thought was going to be a one and a half hour meetup, ended up being a three and a half hour period of building up our women’s tribe. I couldn’t be more honored to have been in this loving space and to hear all the individual journeys. I am looking forward to continue to meet the local ladies of the South Bay, and I am certain that the ones who will continue to appear will be the perfect addition to this wonderful divine feminine tribe which already exists in this gorgeous community by the ocean. We just needed the arena to come out and connect, and so here we are! Welcome ladies!


This week I will be in gratitude for the divine feminine and agape love….I encourage you to honor those women who have given you life, by way of birth, or by way of bringing life into every interaction you have with them. Women can be the safest loving space of refuge when you honor it with caring and true love. I won’t mention the opposite of how women can be here, because I know what happens there too. However, when we focus on love, only love can heal, and love can rebuild, but it has to start with you first, so focus on that!


In Love & Light,




Bold is Beautiful

Bold is living in honesty and expecting the same in return


Life is beautiful and you are constantly being prepared for it. If you were to look back at your life and reflect on all your blessings, I wonder how many amazing things you would see? Or maybe you have sat at home alone at some point and thought about all the dark places you have been? Our minds will feed into the thoughts we entertain, and I can tell you that it is our better bet to focus on the positive than the negative even when it proves challenging.


I know we can be stubborn, boy do I know that!! Our egos will stop us dead in our tracks and we can dig our heels in deep even when our hearts want something else. I’ve seen it in myself, I have seen it in others, and I have seen it in even the most professional of people. Our egos will control our destiny if we let them. Or we can accept our heart’s desires and live a life truly worth living. But how do we do this?


The thing is that sometimes we spend so much time learning and growing intellectually, that we forget how to grow our spirit and our soul. To truly expand our nature and see beyond the physical world we live in, we must be open to the unknown. We spend so much time filling our buckets with tangible things that we forget to also fill the bucket of our emotional needs, which is where we could find true fulfillment.


In fact, sometimes I wish I could shake people awake. If only I can rattle them and have them notice that they are creating their own sad reality. I see what they are doing in their life and I feel compelled to stop them from digging a deeper hole. Then I remember that every time I have done that, that people are not accepting of my suggestions. Sometimes people think I am too bold for saying what needed to be said for everyone’s benefit. I have come to realize that it can takes years for someone to contact me and say “thank you for doing what you did.” I know it’s uncomfortable to grow, and it may even seem as an insult to be told bluntly what is really going on. But at the end of the day, being true and honest is the only way to live. I would rather know the truth one million times over, than to be fed sugar coated lies.


This is why I know life is beautiful and perfect. It is through the courage in the integrity of people and their honesty, which have allowed me to grow. So why would I rob someone of that gift? I wouldn’t!! I always say, ask me anything, I will tell you, even if you don’t want to hear the truth. I am not going to give you the answer you want to hear. I will always give you the answer that will grow us all. And maybe this is why God created the honest and blunt; the ones with self-worth which scare and intimidate others, because we accept nothing less. The ones who will tell it like it is and accept nothing less than honesty. I have been told that they can feel me and that I see right through them. This is why people who are consistently in my life are the ones who can be transparent. I have been lucky that way…or rather, I have intentionally created my life this way in order to live in truth across all of my relationships. I can take your honesty if you can take mine. I know that I am constantly being prepared for something and the future is still a journey to grow from, but you know what???? I know I am fully open to growth and I am prepared to handle it! We all are, once we start looking at the unfolding of our lives as perfectly necessary to grow into our greater selves.  


So for now, embrace your life fully and know that you and I and the people around you, we are all being perfectly prepared to serve a much bigger purpose! 


In Love & Light,




The Other, Other Woman

Women Empowering Other Women

There is a song I used to listen to when I was a 12 year old (probably too grown up for my age at the time, but I’ve always been a bit advanced in my intuitive thinking). The song was in Spanish and the words always impacted me. The singer was a female who was very popular in the spanish community. She talked about life and how people never know who they are working for (in other words, we never know who will benefit from our actions). For instance we may be so diligent about living our lives with integrity and asking the right questions, yet the other parties may be making their own path in an entirely different direction at the same time. 

The song mentions a woman on her way to speak with the known “other woman.” She was empowered and aware of her disatisfaction in the situation. The man had been seeing other women for quite some time and she “kindda” knew about it, but had never found concrete proof. The woman finally got the proof she needed and she reached out to the other woman. During the song she tells the other woman how thankful she was for providing the proof needed, and that she knew it was happening but had waited patiently for proof. She would quietly allow him the freedom needed to build that relationship because eventually she knew it would be easier for her to let go. Again….I was only 12 years old and the story intrigued me like crazy, especially because I couldn’t understand how the other woman knew exactly what she was doing, but truly didn’t know she was doing the other woman a favor by taking the man away from her. The joke was on her.


I thought “How crazy is that, though?” How do women do this to eachother first of all, and how do we allow men to have this playing field. I think its one thing to believe what men say and try to prove to you when you are in it. But for a woman to actively know when a man is involved with other women; one or several, and still accept it is crazy to me. I almost thought that this was a made up story; until I grew up, and then I met that man….because he exists….with many different names, I’m sure. This is not an unlikely story, I’ve heard it before. It really is a matter of how far we women let someone go. I remember thinking I will always ask the right questions, and I will always expect the man’s integrity to be true, and this could never happen to me. Well, what is interesting is that it has. When a man wants to play, he will play, and he will tell the story that best suits him to get what he wants. Not only will he lie his best lies, but he will believe his own lies. The woman with the most integrity will leave the situation, the woman with the biggest blinders will be divinely protected and guided to be free of it, but the woman with the least self-respect will be the one who gets the player(by default because no one wanted him haha), and because she harbored him all along. Of course, the one left in the playing field will be fulfilling her karmaic debt, because in the end, we all learn our lessons.


My goal in life is to empower our women early in age to know their worth, to understand their integrity, and to hold others accountable for their actions so this doesn’t happen. As well as teach our young men how to live with integrity. Once again, this is why a team of us have created Loving Hands In Motion, and will be servicing our communities to educate them in living life in honest integrity. In the meantime, lets keep learning and growing and being thankful for the lessons of life that make us better people!


In Love & Light,




Boys and Dads

Men raising Men

Boys need a Dad! 

You know how I know this?? Well first of all because I grew up with four brothers….yes, I was the only girl, and it was great to be surrounded by all the love and creativity boys bring to a household. I also saw how my dad treated my brothers and how they loved my mom differently. The most fun part was seeing how protective my brothers have been with me, I love that feeling!


I myself, am lucky enough to have two children who are now older. As a woman I feel more independent being able to say I raised two great kids (So far!). Any parent who has raised teenagers knows that it doesn’t stop there, or even when they go to college. Our children will always be our babies. I also know that I haven’t done this alone, and any parent who has raised teenagers knows that it takes more than two parents to have great influence on children. I must admit thought, that over the past year I tried doing everything on my own. As an independent woman I thought I could do it after the divorce. I know that there are women out there who have the confidence of a lioness and the stamina of the energizer bunny! I would love to say that I am one of them….and even then, I still needed the help to give my son the best possible support. Because there is one thing I know, and that is, that I don’t know how to be a Man! I can only teach my son love and nurturing, and being his cheerleader and accountability source, but I can’t teach him how to be a man. So of course I had to reach out to the experts, MEN!


I had a heart to heart with his dad and other men who have been of great influence to him. It is beautiful to know that there are pretty amazing men out there who take on the responsibility of raising children with their heart on their sleeve. I can see the difference in my son having to spend more time with his dad and that being a young man is only practice for being an adult man. I think the most beautiful thing that has transpired during this time is the integrity I see shining through my son. I love the fire in his drive and the desire to make us all proud. I am not ashamed to say that I cannot do this alone. I wouldn’t even begin to pretend that I ever did. Every successful person has had a team of encouragement and support behind them. I am certain my son deserves that too.


There are crucial times in a child’s life, and one of the most important I have seen is during our teenage years. This is when we discover our own power and what role we will play in the adult world. So if you happen to have children or even plan on having them, watch out for the teenage years. As adults this is our very last chance to help shape them into the type of citizen we would like to see in the world. Which is also the reason why a group of us have come up with our own non-profit to service our communities. “Loving Hands In Motion” is the name of the non-profit I am part of. The platform is set and the board is set…..We will change this world and leave it better than we found it…..because after all, we only have one life to live, so we may as well live it right! Right?


In Love & Light,



Drunk, Depressed and Suicidal…the story of a boy.

All in Love Baby Boy

This weekend I saw a man dance to candle light and deep cathartic tribal music. The phenomenal power of every muscle and shredded fiber vibrated deep, along with the pounding of his limbs, as he stomped the earth and made an electrical connection to those of us watching. I saw the beautiful connectedness of the brotherhood and the low, resonating humming of the male soul in colors.
I then saw this little boy. This poor little pale boy with “Ojos de Víbora” (Snake eyes) standing alone in a deep dark room. Then I thought, “What makes this boy a man but the understanding of his own power. The power to protect and destroy, or to nurture and demolish a soul.” Yet his own lack of self love and self denial may be the root of his hatred for life. This boy came into my life pretending to be a man and I dared him to be one, not as a way to dare him to fail, but as a dare to allow the little boy to know he COULD be a Man. His fight is long and hard however, and his path of destruction takes women down with him. I am thankful for being knocked down, however…..because that is what it took for me to wake up….but boy, oh boy, you have no idea who you have awakened!! I am a woman of deep roots and there’s a reason why my Latin fire and passion was your draw! God am I thankful!! If this life had given me any other soul to have encountered on my path, then my purpose would not have been revealed. This boy’s denial of his own power allowed my power to come to life!  
I saw him many nights and days disconnected through the bitter taste of vodkas, the deep lows of lonely empty nights, the dark thoughts of suicide and self destruction….all this stemming from the guilt of the repeated use of women; yet again the view from the outside can be seen two fold. This man can be a healer, a healer of other men, to use women in such a way that he can break them, to take away from our soul, our families and our children. This man who gives false hope and stunted love. It’s not his fault, this is all he knows, he can only love as deeply as he can love himself….he can only give himself the facade of hope and love which leads him to fantasize about giving it all up, letting go and finally give in to the deep dark thoughts. 
Another year of life baby boy, another year of life. What will be of you as you turn one year older, and have not harvested the seed to carry your name for your father and ancestors. Maybe that’s where your kind ends. But no, there’s hope babe, I’m sure you can get a hand in this. I’ve been on the other side and you can be there too. Embrace your true power and love yourself enough to live fully. There’s no love at the bottom of the bottle, there’s no pill that will clear the fog, there’s no other bed that will heal the emptiness, or a loaded gun that will take the pain away. You, my baby boy, are powerful beyond belief, so allow yourself surrender, and only then you will see your worth without needing validation from newly broken women, or get fulfillment from the hearts you break. I see you baby boy.
In love and light,