How can this happen????


Interconnected even through time and space


Have you ever asked yourself how some things happen that almost seem unexplainable? It’s hard to believe sometimes when coincidences will happen that appear to be perfectly orchestrated. Sometimes running into someone who knows someone whom  you were thinking about, or even a random text comes through from a person you haven’t heard from in years after recently just having them on your mind. Or, even meeting a special someone out of the midst of chaos. 

The thing is that we are all super connected. There is no human who doesn’t carry these threads of connection, even if they don’t believe in them. Just as we need each other, we are also not alone. We can “feel” alone, or alienated, but there is so much proof to show us that is not the case.


Take for instance our Redondo Beach Women’s Entrepreneurship MeetUP group; since we recently had a scheduled meeting. (Which I know is growing and I am excited to see what will come of it.) And, in searching the locals, and friends of friends, I was inviting other women to join us. Which only showed me how small this world is; especially in our local communities, we are ALL interconnected. (Sometimes however, its awkward to have shared in areas that may not even seem sanitary, really!! Haha!).


Bottom line is the thinking and discussion we shared prompted something to happen out in the universe that caused others to become involved in our thinking. The very next day I received a text from someone I hadn’t connected with in several years!! Random text saying he was thinking of me and for some reason felt compelled to reach out!! The only thought in my head was “of course you did, I was just thinking of you last night!”


The thing is that we are never really, not connected. We are always connected, and we will be brought together for healing, and growing, and learning, and so many other things. Even time and space doesn’t stop when people stop speaking, our connection is still there and is nurturing that can bring it back to life at any time! Our responsibility is to love the opportunities we get, and take care of each other, regardless of our ego and our righteousness. So this week, keep growing, healing, supporting, and loving each other….I mean, unless you just want a meaningless life filled with only pets and no other human connections?! Which I doubt you want! So love people up so they can love you all up too! We deserve that!


In Love & Light,





Your True Colors are Showing!

It was always a matter of time!

It is always a matter of time before someone’s true colors show. Sometimes it takes less time for authenticity to show up on some, and longer for others. I have always believed that truth reveals itself in due time. And the timing of truth is always in perfect unison with the path that is meant for each one of us. 

I think that people can be in our lives for a long time, and you may still not be able to see who they truly are until they are no longer trying to impress you. When someone has finally found themselves feeling comfortable away from you, or in your presence, that is when they will be who they truly are! (Because that is who they always were!!).


My favorite part is when I am able to see someone’s authentic self without any regard for how it may look to others. And, when someone can be free to express themselves and share their light. Of course people will also show their dark side and their intentions will also make an appearance. Practicing the act of awareness is important to recognize other’s true intentions, but know that you are protected. In my case, I tend to be trusting, probably too trusting, but recent events have prepared me to be more discerning to people’s words. I know that it is in the deeds and not the words.


For now, trust that your path is exactly how it needs to unfold, let the truth reveal itself (because it always will, you can count on that!!)….then simply bask in the light of success, because you and those around you deserve honesty and clarity and nothing less!


In Love & Light,





Light in Darkness

Seek the Light

These days of darkness had me looking deep within. They also had me wonder how much can the human heart take before it gives up?! Then I saw that it is necessary to know how deep you can go in order to get your life in somewhat of an orderly state. When giving up isn’t really an option; what else is left but to handle business, right? In doing so I notice that the most important thing is to feel connected to others. “Hate” has no room in my life, and unfortunately it takes my energy to attempt to correct any situation where I feel hate is present. This of course only puts me in a place where “fixing” something takes my attention and vulnerability. I also realize that it takes a very intuitive and self aware person to understand the difference between connecting with someone out of pure love, and connecting with someone thinking there is a romantic connection. 

I grew up knowing I can have platonic relationships with men. I can appreciate someone’s friendship without needing them in a romantic way. I realize that this isn’t the case for all people. There are those who mistake the desire for connection with an interest for romance. I mean its cute and all, but just because you are a man and I am a woman doesn’t mean there is intention for romance.

I think this awareness is available to me because I was the only girl in a family of all brothers. I can love a man deeply and not want romance with him, even if there has been a past connection that way. In fact, I presently still keep in contact with the men in my past and I have absolutely no romantic feelings for them, other than gratitude and a desire for the friendship we had. I realize that the men who truly knew me, and are self aware, can keep this friendship with me. 

I am no one to judge, I simply feel sad that people would prefer to lose valuable people, than to practice forgiveness. (On a side note, people who have a hard time with forgiveness, have a serious attachment to their ego and tend to be inflexible also tend to have problems with their knees- Note from Louise L. Hay “You Can Heal Your Life”). So being weak at the knees or having knee injuries are actually a sign of not being able to forgive people.
You can also recognize that pride and ego makes a person’s life empty and void of true agape love. As I said in the past, 2016 is a fresh start, a new page, a blank canvas of possibility. It takes courage to hand out true forgiveness and make all your friendships new, and begin again as if the past had never happened. Some people may look at this as weakness, but I still see it as a strength. I love that I can forget wrong doings and forgive people, and I am thankful for the lesson my Aunt left with me this week about focusing on love. As I move forward to be part of this life and love all those around me; I can say that I appreciate the dark days because the hope for brighter days is oh so very present. I hope your dark days give you strength and build you, that the pain you bear will soften your heart to hand out forgiveness freely, and that the future holds brighter days where the tears that continue to flow are of joy and no longer of pain.
In Love & Light,

All that matters is LOVE!





This weekend was the most glorious weekend spent with my leadership team at our completion getaway. The mountain was covered in icy snow, and yet everything was cozy because of the love we were sharing. I cannot explain the emotional fulfillment that my heart experienced the entire weekend. Having no access to a phone was also peaceful because it kept me from any outside influence. I was able to focus on the people around me and the love I felt for having completed everything we set out to accomplish as a team! I will forever be thankful for the crazy journey and the integrity that we got to practice together since August!


Coming back to reality had me face my very young aunt’s current health status and how at an early age of 44 she is not well. Things almost felt like they were falling apart. Even something as simple as getting my son back from his visit with his dad seemed chaotic. The beauty of it all is that I felt supported for what I personally needed to do. My team supported me to complete our graduation and celebration. My son’s father supported us in getting my son back home half way in the middle of the night. He will always be a great father and I’m thankful for that.


The next day yielded me the opportunity to rush out to Mexico to visit my aunt and have an opportunity to see her, as well as to be there for my mother. I would not have been able to do this without the family I feel I have surrounding my son and I now. I may be alone with my son in the south bay and my daughter not too far….but it is clear to see that the love we have, and the support from all those around us, is very present and we are not truly alone.


Holding my aunt’s frail hand Monday night reminded me how fragile the human body is, but not the soul. I spent time reminding her about how it had been great to play dolls with her growing up and riding bikes and everything else we did together. And, you know what I can’t remember? Any of the times we argued, fought, pulled each other’s hair or hurt each other…because in the end none of that matters. The love, joy, and laughter we shared are all that is left. The memories of love are all that the heart remembers. This reminded me to reach out to those who have helped in growing my ability to feel love and feel loved. I have not regretted loving anyone, because now I only remember having LOVED them and feeling their love back. This is how I want to live the rest of my life….the ONLY thing that Matters is LOVE! I hope you do the same.


In love & light,





Exciting News for the New Year!!

2016 a year of FREEDOM

It is Monday morning….YES!!! The very first Monday of 2016!! Whoohoo!! Wait, are there some of you who are grunting about going back to work? Oh, Come on!! We had a great break, and now it is time to get in gear!! I must say that 2016 has already started with a great wave of positivity and freedom! I truly hope that it has for you as well. So, let’s get this life on!! 

As for me, I have been working diligently on finalizing my book. The process has been more enjoyable working along with some pretty amazing people. This workbook will be available for purchase on my website soon! And, I am super excited to share it with you. I sincerely hope it will assist you in making a shift during the 12 weeks of the guided journaling you will do. Well enough of that!! I will blog next week to let you know when it is up on the website!


For now, what was the list of 2016 goals you made? Or did you even make one? It isn’t too late you know?! Get it done and start working on it….get excited about life peeps…there is so much in it! Feel the freedom of making decisions for yourself knowing that you are in full control of making things happen, because you can! Best of luck this week and love on all the people around you! Sending you a great big hug!!


In love & light,





Bringing in 2016


Today is the last Monday of 2015!!! It is almost sureal to think that this is the very last week of this crazy year. Like totally!! We will never have this day again, peeps. The holidays have been great so far, and I have spent lots of time with family and friends. It reminds me how lucky I am to have such great sisters and of course family too. With the ending of the year it made sense to look at what I wanted to leave behind in 2015. So I made a choice to take some time and close out relationships that were no longer working in my life. It was important to look at how long I had kept people in my life and if the relationship was one sided, then it wasn’t coming with me into 2016. I stopped looking at how much time I had invested in the relationships or friendships. Instead I looked at the person I became when they were in my life and if it didn’t make me a better person, then I did have to say goodbye. The saddest one was finally having a real talk with a friend I had for 12 years. I can say that clearing out space will only make room for other friendships/relationships in my life that will be rewarding. I can feel it! 

A practice that has also been cleansing has been to take the time to literally clear out items from my home and my work space. I can feel the cleansing of the energy all around. I am taking the forward steps to go into 2016 focusing on a more harmonious life in every domain. So as we head into 2016, and before we get there; I suggest making a list of those things that are only clutter in your home and get rid of them or donate them. Make a list of things you will work on for every domain so that you may attain balance too!


For example, focusing on getting healthier or losing weight is something MOST people will focus on. However; there are other domains that are equally as important, so take the time to also set goals there. The domains I recommend are the following: Health, Finance, Career, Spirituality, Relationships, Aesthetics and Community.


On my end the personal goals I have for 2016 will be written before the end of the week, and they will be the first thing I look at on 1/1/2016! Have a fantastic week and I wish you the life you truly deserve the upcoming year!!!


In Love & Light,





Celebrando a la Familia


Porque no todas las navidades son igual

Este blog es en español, primeramente por que prefiero que durante esta navidad, mi familia latina sea la que tiene la felicidad del mundo en su hogar y su corazón. No es por decir que mis amistades americanas no se merecen eso, es mas porque durante estas épocas me recuerdo mas de las navidades en Mexico con mis abuelos, mis tíos, tias y todos los primos. Son también durante estas épocas que es difícil visitar a todos para darles abrazos y reírnos juntos sobre el pasado, y recordar las memorias de cuando éramos mas niños. La verdad es que es durante este tiempo que adoro ser latina. Nuestras tradiciones son inigualable a cualquier otra. Nuestras comidas, canciones, bebidas, locuras y amor es diferente a los de otras raíces. 
Es facil ver la pasion, conexión y felicidad de las personal latinas. Y pues también es fácil ver que cuando existe una persona de otras raíces en nuestra familia, o debería ser bastante loco/a, o mantener su energía flexible a los cambios de ultimo momento, por que pues así somos. Estos últimos días eh tenido la oportunidad de ver a el mas pequeño de mi hermanos junto a su esposa. Ellos nos visitaron aquí en California y para mi es lo mejor del mundo ver a mis hermanos seguido. Lo que es aun mas lindo es verlos como ellos se tratan uno al otro. También es un privilegio ver como es que ella trata a mi hermano. Ella es americana y se a podido moldear a las locuras de la familia Gambino, gracias a dios pues ya sabemos que no somos nada fácil. 
Lo mejor de todo es que pudimos pasar tiempo como familia, ver a mi sobrinita jugar con todos nosotros, y también compartir la cena de navidad juntos. No fue necesariamente el día de navidad, pero para celebrar la familia no es necesario esperar la fecha predeterminada del calendario para hacerlo. Me dio mucho gusto verlos a todos y pasar tiempo viendo las bendiciones que tenemos entre nuestros padres, hijos, hermanos, cuñadas y amistades al rededor. Así es que no se esperen a que sea el día de navidad para celebrar a las personas importantes de su familia hoy.
Les deseo a todos unas fiestas navideñas llenas de amor!

A New Chapter A New Address 

Time to Move for a New Chapter

Monday Blog…This weekend has been filled with many great moments and also some uneasy moments.It is known that God will align things in our lives so that we move forward in the path that is intended for us. I have been in conversations this weekend that have shaken the ground from under me. And, I have also had the most beautiful conversations with my sisters and family that remind me God is powerful and amazing, and that no matter how someone treats you, what His plan is for us is even greater than we can imagine.


I must say that it was scary to receive the notice on my rental for the increase that would make it too uncomfortable for my son and I to stay where we are. I love that my brothers and sisters have been super supportive so that I am able to also see this as an opportunity to move forward. The place where we live has been beautiful and holds some great memories. However, I also feel that it is time for us to move forward towards an unknown future. I truly do not know what the future holds….and for the first time I am also not trying to figure it out!! This is huge for me since I am constantly searching for answers. Not this time…I am trusting God is aligning the Universe in the best way possible for us.


So now, I am looking for a place to live and start a new chapter in the south bay. Redondo is mine and my son’s home. I am trusting that whatever the future holds will be what is best for the both of us here. I am thankful to have such beautiful amazing sisters who nurture our sisterhood, and I am extremely thankful for the protective brotherhood that surrounds me also. So all in all, thank you in advanced for any positive energy you can send my son and I to find a safe, beautiful, and affordable place to live by mid-February 2016! I trust fully that the change will be a move in the right direction. I even invite you to embrace change in your life on our behalf, because your courage will transcend to us as well….I Promise you that!!! Have a great week and I will check in with you soon!


In Love & Light,




Change Your Music, Change Your Thoughts!


I woke up with a new attitude today. Something has been shifting in me and I am so forever thankful. A new practice I started about a month ago was changing the music I listen to. I absolutely love country music and of course romantic Spanish music, both of those speak to my soul. Mostly because when I was 21 I was a singer in a Spanish music band and of course I’m also Latina, and Country…well, that’s just fun! 

What prompted this was a thought about a practice I learned when I was earning my undergraduate degree. A great professor taught us that the brain cannot hold two thoughts at the same time. So when you are thinking one thing and begin to read or say something else, one of two things will happen. You will either start saying what you are thinking as if spilling out of your mouth!! (I have experienced this many a times—I sometimes need a filter….but I don’t regret speaking the truth…#sorrynotsorry pfft!). Or, the other thing that happens is your thoughts start changing to what you are saying or reading instead.


While attempting to change our thinking it can be very difficult to battle against our thoughts and belief system because we are fighting with ourselves! We have a built in survival mechanism….even our thoughts will fight tooth and nail to stay alive! So its as my brother reminded me yesterday, “La costumbre es mas fuerte que el amor!” Translation is, “habits are stronger than love!” Hence the reason why we hold on to our thoughts, toxic relationships, and even those good things too, but the toughest ones to break are of course the bad ones! Even above the love for ourselves!


So, what I had done before was to make up a booklet of positive thoughts and beliefs about myself. As soon as I would start thinking negatively, I would pull out that booklet and start reading it out loud so my mind would hear it and I would feel peace. This time, I realized I was feeding my mind these ideas from songs that were not serving me. I decided to look up empowering songs and songs about self-love and success instead. Here we are 30 days later and I feel fantastic! Of course things take time, and healing will probably take me a lifetime…but at least I can change my thoughts when I get too deep. I truly recommend this practice. You can look up empowering songs by asking Uncle Google and make a playlist which you can play, stick to what you know is true about you and release the defeating thoughts. Make your self-love priority and all will be just fine!


Here is to empowering yourself!


In Love & Light,




Liberated Sisterhood 

Nurturing Sisterhood is Healing

You know? I love the sisterhood. There are many ways to acknowledge the sisterhood and how we all give to each other. I loved the opportunity to be able to liberate each other from the chains that have held us back in the past, and how we can be so loving and nurturing to each other. In recent days I had the opportunity to see a brand new sister join our world and community. I felt so honored to be allowed to meet her so soon after being born. I was in complete awe of this little being. She is one of us, not only is she one of us, but she has the best mommy and auntie I can possibly imagine. 

There are times when I simply stand back and take in the surroundings. I noticed myself doing that on that day. I sat back and looked at the new mommy being so careful to do what was best for baby (aww melted my heart!). I saw auntie being super supportive of everything that was going on, and the other ladies in the room also (I cannot explain how much I admire and love this woman!!). I found myself feeling so blessed to be part of it. I also felt a huge responsibility to want to be a good role model for the young ladies who were there, and the new baby who would get to learn from all of us in her life. We all make up the strength in the sisterhood if we live with our hearts in the open.


On a side note; being part of the sisterhood hadn’t always been easy for me. I didn’t grow up with the best of experiences with girls and I had pulled away. When I turned 30 my life began to change. I left a very limiting relationship which opened the doors for me to model and travel the U.S. I also went back to school and earned a bachelor’s degree and graduated Cum Laude from a Christian University (Thank you LAWD!!). I am simply saying that it took a lot of work and discipline to get my life back on track. It also took many patient loving sisters who brought me back to feel what it’s like to be a WOMAN in the Sisterhood. Now, I see that I have had the opportunity to liberate another WOMAN, and for that I am thankful. I am thankful that she reached out to me. I can see that at her young 31yrs of age she is free to live her life with her local sisters whom she had been pulled away from. And, that she gets to explore life as God intended for her to live it—Fulfilled-Purposeful-Happy! I am extremely thankful for her kind words and for being so strong and courageous to free herself too! Marianne Williamson says that “People are brought together for healing.” I agree with all my heart!


Hurray for the sisterhood and deep loving healing! Embrace your sisters today—love them up because in the end, we heal each other in a liberating way!


In Love & Light,