The Human Side

No person is only an Executive or a Professional. It takes a special person to strive for entrepreneurship and creating something from nothing. This is the reason some of my services are geared to address that side of the creator. I offer in person sessions which include services such as Reiki and Guided Meditation. These services are only offered on an as needed basis and after an initial assessment.

What is Reiki: Reiki is the art of energy healing through touch. The session provides relaxation and deep meditation for 60-90minutes. Available by appointment.

What is Guided Meditation: Guided meditation, also known as hypnosis; allows a person to explore past experiences that are deeply hidden in the mind. These experiences can hold someone from reaching their fullest potential or even enjoying life fully. Because these memories can be overwhelming they can be deeply hidden and unknown to a person’s logical mindset.  However, exploring the mind to bring these experiences to the forefront allows us to address them and reframe them to experiences that can serve our purpose now. The results can be what makes us realize wholeness and  healthy self awareness.